Indian Players Avoid Breaks Fearing Losing Their Spots – Yuvraj Singh

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Author 2019-11-05 16:23:36


We have seen in the past that the selectors have not picked the players who have taken some rest from the game. In fact, despite performing up to the mark some players have found it difficult to earn back their place on the national side.


It will help in managing the workload of the players – Yuvraj Singh.

Yuvraj wants to have players association which will help the players in taking a break at the appropriate time.

“We deserve it. Because there are a lot of times we have been asked to play cricket that we don’t want to. We have to play with the pressure that if we don’t play we will be thrown out,” Yuvraj told reporters. “That pressure has to go off the players that even if they are tired or fatigued or carrying injuries, they have to play,” he said.

Australia’s all-rounder Glenn Maxwell has also taken an indefinite break from the game after citing mental issues. Maxwell was brilliantly handled by Cricket Australia.

“That support should be given to the players. We see outside India, if players are fatigued and tired mentally, like is the case with (Glenn) Maxwell, he has taken a break because he is feeling it.

“Our players can’t do that because they fear they may lose their place. So a players’ association is very important,” said Yuvraj.


However, Yuvraj Singh has got hope now since his former captain Sourav Ganguly has taken over the baton of BCCI president. Ganguly has all the experience in the world and the selection policies will be well-taken care under his tenure.

“I see great things happening to Indian cricket with Sourav as President. Cricket, from the administration point of view, and the cricketers’ point of view are two different things,” he told reporters.

“Someone, who has been a very successful captain, will run cricket from a player’s point of view where cricketer’s concerns can be heard. It would not happen earlier. They would make decisions and cricketers were not heard. Now he will listen to what cricketers want,” he said.

It would be interesting to note what would be Sourav Ganguly’s approach.


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