Indian Support Staff Member Gets Away With Misbehaviour Penalties



Author 2019-09-27 18:00:24


A female employee of a Hotel staff in Antigua has accused one of the Junior team support staff members for his inappropriate behavior. However, in the latest, the news has been dismissed citing that it was a mistake of identity.

Former team manager Sunil Subramaniam has quoted that in the last month’s tour of the West Indies, the team was involved in the potentially explosive situation on the sidelines of the first Test in Antigua. It was conducted from August 22 to 26.

Mistake of an identity:

In a mail to the Committee of Administrators (CoA) on September 25, which is in PTI’s possession, Subramaniam first claimed about the situation before withdrawing his assertions. However, with the suggestion that the accused member of the support staff is spoken to.

imgIndia (Credits: Twitter)

A BCCI official admitted that it did take place in the team hotel but said it was a case of mistaken identity. And also, the member of the support staff came out blame-free after a probe by Antigua Police.

“It was found out to be a case of mistaken identity once an inquiry was done. The staff with whom the alleged misbehaviour happened was shown photographs of all the support staff members but she didn’t identify any of them,” a senior BCCI official told PTI on conditions of anonymity.

imgSunil Subramaniam (Credits: Twitter)

“Also the room number that was provided didn’t belong to any member of the Indian contingent,” he added.

The recent tour to West Indies was the final stint for Subramaniam with the Indian National Team. He has always been caught up in tough situations, which kept in tough situations.

Earlier, Subramanium called him guilty:

In his original mail to the CoA, Subramaniam has alleged that the matter was hushed up and that the inquiry had confirmed that the junior member was guilty. However, later, he said that it wasn’t his final decision and called the man in question as innocent.

“…the concerned member is still very much a part of the Indian team,” wrote Subramanian in the letter he later withdrew.

imgSunil Subramaniam. Credits: Twitter

“Investigation by the Hotel management, Antiguan Police, Roland Holder of Cricket West Indies and myself along with the team Security manager and logistics manager did confirm that it was indeed a member of the support staff.

Subramaniam, who had earlier apologized for this, stated that he did nothing wrong in the latest mail. He was eventually removed from the position. Girish Dongre has succeeded Subramaniam as the new administrative manager of the Indian team.


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