IPL auction date announcement: Which player on which team?

vignesh k

vignesh k

Author 2019-11-07 13:18:15

It is officially announced that the auction of IPL players will take place in Kolkata next month.

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) T20 series is held annually by the Indian Cricket Board. The series is being held in April and May. Every year the 8 teams make some players out. Buying some players from the next team.

Also, the auction will be held in December. Accordingly, the Board of Governors for the series has today decided that the players' auction for next year's series will be held on the 19th of next month. ”

“The IPL auction is scheduled for December 19 in Kolkata.The auction goes from traditional Bangalore to Kolkata this time, ”the group said.

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In this situation,

The IPL management is considering appointing a special TV umpire to look after the no-balls in the 2020 IPL series to create major controversy.

The IPL will also add another novelty as this TV umpire is different from other TV umpires appeals.

India's best current captain Virat Kohli and former best skipper Dhoni have shown their anger at the no-ball affair in IPL cricket in the last IPL match.

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The last ball of the RCB against the Mumbai Indians was dismissed by Lashid Malinga as a no-ball. This is a major controversy. Kohli termed this as 'stupid'. If Malinga's ball was a no-ball, Shivam Dubey could have won the ABD Villiers free hit to take a single, as the de Villiers were 70 off 41 balls.

It is expected that a separate TV referee will be appointed to monitor the no-balls in 2020 IPL cricket.


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