Joe Root, Isa Guha & Michael Vaughan Support Ben Stokes Over Controversial Article in The Sun



Author 2019-09-17 22:57:41


UK based newspaper The Sun today published an article which gave away personal details of Ben Stokes’ family. The article revolved around how his sister and brother were murdered before his birth by his mother’s previous husband. England cricketer did not take that lightly and even went on to share a statement slamming the newspaper on social media. Joe Root, Isa Guha and Michael Vaughan also supported the English cricketer by sharing posts on social media and slammed the newspaper for the controversial article. Ben Stokes Slams The Sun For Publishing An Article About His Family, Labels the Report 'Lowest Form of Journalism’.

In a long statement issued by Stokes, he wrote, “This is the lowest form of journalism, focussed only on chasing sales with absolutely no regard for the devastation caused to the lives as a consequence. It is totally out of order. The article also contains serious inaccuracies which have compounded the damage caused. We need to take a serious look at how we allow our press to behave. Despite the fact that this has now been made public, I do please ask all concerned to respect my family’s privacy and right to home life.” He also slammed the fact that the newspaper sent the reporters to his parents’ home in New Zealand.

Here is a tweet by Joe Root

Michael Vaughan

Isa Guha

The Sun had published the article with the headline, "STOKES' SECRET TRAGEDY Ashes hero Ben Stokes'.  The article had all the gruesome details about his mother’s ex-husband killed the two children and himself after he got to know that she got along with rugby coach Gerard Stokes


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