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Author 2019-10-17 09:22:55

Virat Kohli had played his 50th Test match as captain. This match was played in Pune against South Africa. Kohli captained for the first time against Australia in the Adelaide Test in December 2014. He became India's second and 17th captain overall, captaining 50 Tests.

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Kohli has scored 4956 runs as captain after 50 Test matches. This is 18.7 percent of the team's runs, the highest. Kohli has scored 99.1 runs per match, which is better than all the captains playing so many matches.

At number two is Ricky Ponting of Australia, who scored 4644 runs at a rate of 92.9 runs in every match. India's bar Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored 2881 runs at an average of 57.6 and it was 10.5 percent of the team's total runs.

Most successful batsman in captaincy:

During his captaincy, Kohli has been the highest run-scorer for the tea. He has scored 4956 runs at an average of 64.36 and scored 19 centuries. Its

Record of captaincy at home ground is excellent:

Kohli has lost in just one of his first 50 Test matches played on home soil. India lost to Australia in Pune in 2017. A total of 17 players have captained 50 Tests, out of which only Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting have lost one match (as captain) in their first 50 Tests. Clive Lloyd and Vivian Richards lost two each and Dhoni lost three of his first 50 Tests as captain.

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Among the most successful captains:

If you look at the record after 50 Test matches as captain, Kohli has come third. Kohli won 30 of the 50 Tests, lost the team in 10 matches and had 10 draws. The record of winning the most matches after 50 Test matches is named after Steve Waugh of Australia. Waugh won 37 out of 50 and lost 8 and drew 5 matches. Ricky Ponting won 35, lost six and drew 9 matches. At number four, Vivian Richards of the West Indies comes in at number of Richards, winning 27, losing 8 and drawing 15 matches.

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