Kohli shows his power here too !

Telugu Mirchi

Telugu Mirchi

Author 2019-09-18 00:41:33


Virat Kohli is the best cricketer in the world in the current generation. Irrespective of format, he is able to play prove his capacity. Kohli is the dominant player on the field with the bat. He is showing his power outside the field too.

Kohli has become the richest cricketer in the world this year. became the only cricketer to make the Forbes list this year. The net worth of Kohli this year is Rs 174 crore, according to Forbes.

Kohli is currently an ambassador for 23 brands. Kohli has been a brand ambassador for many companies, from Flipkart to Audi. Kohli has now become a star in brand endorsements. He is also a partner in the hotel chain of china. He also signed a Rs 100 crore deal with the German company Puma.


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