Lifeline with moral victory for TNCA

New Indian Express

New Indian Express

Author 2019-09-21 12:28:00


CHENNAI: For long, they appeared to be the ones resisting. As one by one each state unit fell in line after the Committee of Administrators (CoA) announced election deadlines, the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) didn’t even budge. They kept saying that the electoral process will only begin after the Supreme Court heard their plea, even if it meant they risked losing voting rights at the BCCI annual general meeting. On Friday, as the apex court resumed hearing and passed an order, there was relief in TNCA corridors.

A couple of days back, TNCA was wondering what was different in their revised constitution from those of Vidarbha and Delhi that the CoA was not clearing theirs. Except for granting voting rights to former players — a decision that can only be taken at the AGM — they had done everything. And still, they were listed among those least compliant state units. They believed if the hearing resumed in Supreme Court, it would go their way. Being one of the powerful units, they were prepared to play the waiting game.

In the end, they seem to have got it their way as the TNCA’s executive committee will assemble at MA Chidambaram Stadium on Monday to start the electoral process. After almost two decades, the TNCA will have its third president. A new secretary and a whole lot of changes will take place when the AGM happens sometime next week.

With a host of office-bearers ineligible to continue, the TNCA has already started the groundwork to find eligible candidates. N Srinivasan’s camp still holds the grip over TNCA, which makes polls a distant possibility. While a few names were being floated for the president and secretary’s posts, officials insist that a clear picture will only emerge by Monday or Tuesday.

Meanwhile, TNCA officials said the M Senthilnathan-led senior selection panel will continue. Changes are expected in the junior selection panel since some of the members don’t fulfil the criteria of becoming selectors.


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