Marcus Trescothick interview: 'It's time. The brain just wouldn’t operate like I wanted it to... I had lost the spark'

The Telegraph

The Telegraph

Author 2019-09-23 10:30:00


Somerset and former England batsman Marcus Trescothick will retire this week ... he tells Cricket Journalist of the Year Scyld Berry how he found his inner peace in this extended interview.

Marcus Trescothick, Somerset’s finest batsman and arguably England’s bravest, will be in the Taunton dressing room this week for one last time, when Somerset have to beat Essex to win the first championship in their history. He will even wear his whites again, and take the field at some point, before the end of his 27th consecutive season.

Somerset could do with Trescothick, too: none of their batsmen has averaged more than 32 this season. But he has turned 43, and we will never see again one of those cover-drives...

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