Maxwell was giving heart to Indian girl, now suddenly left cricket

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Author 2019-11-03 02:35:34

Australian superstar all-rounder Glenn Maxwell is running mentally ill due to which he has taken retirement from the cricket world, this news has surprised all the people of the cricket world, the question arises that what happened suddenly because of this Glenn Maxwell Had to leave cricket in the middle

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Recently there was a news that Glenn Maxwell is in love with Indian-origin girl Vinnie Raman and both are in a relationship, both have shared their photos on social media, when is Maxwell and Vinnie will get married, but it is not too early Can decide to be

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But suddenly the news of Maxwell being mentally ill has surprised everyone although it is too early to say that Glenn Maxwell has become mentally disturbed due to his relationship affair due to which he has said goodbye to cricket Glenn Maxwell for the last 2 years Maxwell and Vinnie Raman are dating this girl want to marry Mana though there is no official push regarding their wedding date Ti had

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Australian psychologist Dr Michael Lyon has told that Glenn Maxwell is facing some difficulties in relation to his mental health due to which he wants to stay away from cricket

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