May Not be Strong Like the Others But I Don’t Doubt My Ability: Steve Smith

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Author 2019-11-06 11:56:47

img Often considered to not be the ideal T20 batsman, Steve Smith proved on Tuesday that his methods can be as effective. Smith helped Australia take a 1-0 lead against Pakistan in second game of the three-match T20 series with an unbeaten 51-ball-80 at Canberra.

Smith averages 27.47 in T20I cricket, but at No.3 that shoots up to 48.57 all on the basis of impeccable timing.

"If you look at my batting record in T20 internationals, it's not crash hot," Smith said after play.

"I guess you have to bear in mind (early in my career) I was batting No.8 or 9, coming in and slogging, facing half a dozen balls tops. It's never easy so it's going to affect your record at some point.

"I don't doubt my ability. I know the tempos of the game and I've played a lot of (T20) cricket now.

"I may not be as strong as some of the other guys but I use placement and timing.

"The white ball usually flies off the bat particularly when it's brand new. If you're timing the ball well you get value for your shots most places."

Smith's ability to problem solve on the run has astonished the likes of coach Justin Langer and Test legend Steve Waugh, and now the 30-year-old has been dubbed 'Mr Fix It' by his teammates.

And he enjoys playing that role.

"If you're chasing you weigh up the situation and what you need and what you need to go at, which bowlers you want to target and just work out the math in your head and that's chasing," he explained.

"Batting first you have to sum up conditions and how the wicket is playing, what you think a good score is and who is in the opposition, all those sorts of things.

"I've played a lot of cricket now, I'm pretty experienced and my role in this team is to fix it if the top don't come off.

"They (the top order) have been exceptional in these games that we've played, Sri Lanka and the first one against Pakistan before we got washed out.

"They're pretty consistent up top so if they don't come off then it's up to me to fix it."

Australia and Pakistan play each other in the third and final T20I on Friday at Perth


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