Mayank Agarwal has played 5 Tests, know who is best Sehwag and Mayank after 5 Tests

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Author 2019-10-04 17:08:58

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Hello friends and welcome to our News channal Friends, in the fifth Test match of his career, opener Mayank Agarwal has ended the search for Indian opener by scoring a double century. The manner in which Mayank converted his century into a big innings, it is imperative to compare it with veteran opener Virender Sehwag. Let's look at the figures of Mayank Agarwal and veteran opener Virender Sehwag after playing five Test matches.

Mayank agarwal statistics

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Mayank Agarwal has scored a total of 490 runs in 8 innings of 5 Test matches at an extremely impressive average of 61.25, including 3 fifties and 1 century. During this time, Mayank's highest score is 215 which he scored against South Africa. If Mayank continues to play in this manner, India can remain opener for a long time.

Sehwag's stats after 5 Tests

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After the first 5 Test matches of his career, Sengwag scored 309 runs in 6 innings with an average average of 51.50, scoring 2 fifties and 1 century. During this time, Veeru's highest score was 105 which he had scored against South Africa in 2001-02. On the other hand, in his career, Sehwag scored 7890 runs in 92 Tests at a dangerous average of 52, which included 22 centuries and 30 archers. Was In his illustrious career, Sehwag has scored two triple centuries.

Friends, may Mayank Agarwal repeat Sehwag's success in a Test match, and which batsman do you think is more dangerous in both of them, let us comment. Please like and share the article, as well as do not forget to follow the channel.


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