Mentioned in first CoA meeting, I won't be taking any compensation, says Vikram Limaye

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Business Standard

Author 2019-10-23 14:59:47

Vikram Limaye, the former member of Committee of Administrators (CoA), will not take any allowance for his tenure with the COA.

"I had mentioned this in the first CoA meeting itself that I won't be taking any compensation. It is a personal thing. It has got nothing to do with anything else," Limaye told reporters.

"I am not taking remuneration, I had made the stand very clear in the first meeting of the CoA so that stand continues. I will not be taking any compensation for the period when I was part of CoA," he added.

Former CoA member Ramchandra Guha also denied the payment.

"I had indicated in the first meeting itself, I did not expect or want any payment," Guha told reporters.

When asked about the journey of CoA since the appointment by Supreme Court, Limaye said, " I was part of CoA only till July 2017, so during the period I did my best to try and do what we had to do as per Supreme Court mandate."

"I tried to get consensus to build bridges both internally and externally with ICC and other international organisation and countries we deal with," he added.

Former cricketer Sourav Ganguly has been elected as the president of the BCCI. After the elections, the CoA will be handing over the charge to the new body.

"It is good that it has come to an end and you have a new governance structure in place that has been elected and my best wishes to the new governance team that will take things forward," said Limaye.


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