Mohammad Shami has a good mix of speed, length and reverse swing

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Author 2019-10-09 00:40:09

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Hello friends In the second innings of the first Test match played with South Africa in Visakhapatnam, India's fast bowler Mohammad Shami played a key role in the team's victory with five wickets. However, on the fifth day of the match, the wicket was not as fast bowlers want. Nevertheless, Shami made it difficult for the batsmen to use the art of making their length, speed and reverse swing on a cracked pitch.

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There was not much bounce in the pitch, however, Shami also benefited from this. But during this time, the special thing was his length, due to which he was successful in taking five wickets. This was not the first time that Shami should be the reason for the team's victory in the second innings. He has been doing this continuously for the last few years.

If you look at the figures of both innings of Shami, then in 43 first innings of Test matches, Shami has taken 78 wickets and 40 wickets in 80 innings. The difference in wickets is less, but if compared to both innings, Shami's average in the first innings is 34.47 and the strike rate is 60.61. In the second innings, Shami averages 22.58 and strike rate of 41.4. In the second innings, Shami has taken five wickets in his name four times, while in the first innings only once. Statistics clearly show that Shami is more effective in the second innings.

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Former fast bowler of the Indian team Madan Lal says that Shami knows when to use the ball and reverse swing.

Madan Lal told IANS, "It is good that he is taking more wickets for us in the second innings. The result is going to come in the second innings and if you change the result then it is a very good thing for the team and This proves that you are a better bowler. Mohammad Shami knows how to use the ball, how to reverse swing the ball. He has been doing well for the team for the last few years. May include. Not that he would not draw wickets in the first innings, but conditions for the individual has different happen. The effect caused. As much as there is more pressure, Shami does better. "

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