MS Dhoni & '7': Lucky Number Which Worked Wonders For Him & Team India



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MS Dhoni is known for his masterful understanding of cricket. The 38-year-old player has brought many wins for India and if he puts off his retirement will continue to do so in the future. Behind this skilful and talented captain is also a person who believes in numerology. The 'Captain Cool' has an obsession with his lucky number seven which he thinks has been one of the most important aspects of his life.

MS Dhoni And Number 7

When Dhoni brought a Scorpio car back in 2011, he desired the number plate to be the number 7. The obsession with the number seven has been in Dhoni's life well before he was a celebrated cricket player. Dhoni was born on 7 July 1981. Interestingly, July is the seventh month on the calendar too. People born on 7, 16 or 25 of any month have the birth number of seven.

MS Dhoni's obsession with the number seven was publicly seen many times too. While signing a brand endorsement deal for a well-known smartphone company, Dhoni deliberately asked to sign the contract on 7 December. The skipper insisted on signing the deal at seven in the morning. Also, the deal was signed for seven years. No cricket player had ever signed a deal for seven years straight.

What MS Dhoni Has To Say About His Lucky Number

Back in 2018, Dhoni captained Chennai Super Kings to their third title at the Indian Premier League. When asked if the win had anything to do with his lucky number, he spoke about it being the 27th, his jersey number being 7 and it being CSK's seventh final. MS Dhoni's lucky number is also imprinted on his jersey. Dhoni's jersey number is sought after as much as Tendulkar's jersey number 10 was during his heyday.


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