MS Dhoni Can Only Take Call On His Retirement, Says Yuvraj Singh



Author 2019-09-24 13:51:52


Since India’s ouster from the ICC World Cup 2019, speculations have been going around over former India skipper MS Dhoni’s retirement. Every single people have spoken about except the cricket himself. Yuvraj Singh has also joined the debate saying that the veteran cricket can only take a call on his retirement.

Dhoni chose to make himself unavailable for the series against West Indies. Instead, he decided to serve the army in Jammu & Kashmir. MS Dhoni had an awful time in the ICC World Cup 2019 which raised speculation over his cricketing career. Subsequently, upon returning, he decided to take a break from the game.

The Jharkhand-born cricketer remained out of action from the South Africa series and has also made himself unavailable for the Bangladesh series as well. Recent reports suggest that MS Dhoni will be with the team till 2020 World T20 to ensure that the team is in safe hands.

imgYuvraj Singh. (Credits: Twitter)

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Yuvraj Singh, who bid farewell to cricketer earlier this year, said that Dhoni should get time to decide on his career. He also said that it is unfair to make harsh comments on the World Cup-winning skipper, who has given India so many things.

“I think it’s unfair to him. The guy (Dhoni) has done so much for Indian cricket. He has been the most successful Indian captain, so you got to give him time,” Yuvraj said. “He needs to decide when he wants to go out. He needs to take that call. If he wants to still play, that’s his call and we need to respect that,” he added.

imgRishabh Pant(R) and MS Dhoni. Credit: Getty

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Furthermore, Yuvraj Singh also urged one and all not to compare Rishabh Pant with the legendary MS Dhoni. The former all-rounder feels if given time, the young Delhi wicket-keeper can also bring success to Indian cricket.

“It is unfair to compare him (Rishabh) with MS (Dhoni). It took a lot of years to become M S Dhoni and it will take a lot of years for Rishabh Pant to go close to him,” Yuvraj said. “MS Dhoni’s replacement is going to take a lot of time,” Yuvraj concluded.


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