MS Dhoni Is Second Most Admired Man In India

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Author 2019-09-26 15:54:25


There is no doubt that MS Dhoni is one of the most successful cricketers in the world. His presence has provided many achievements for his teams. He achieves huge success in multiple roles – batting, finishing, wicketkeeping, captaincy etc. In addition, his cool and calm attitude always makes him fans favourite.

MS Dhoni is ahead of Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli

Recently, YouGov published most admired people in worldwide. In India, PM Narendra Modi is on top of the entire list after managing the admiration score of 15.66%. The present limited-overs wicketkeeper-batsman and former World Cup-winning captain MS Dhoni is in the second position in men’s list with the admiration score of 8.58%.


Legendary Indian cricketer (5.81%) and the present Indian captain (4.46%) are in the seventh and eighth position respectively. They are behind Ratan Tata, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Amitabh Bachchan apart from the top two men. However, the superstar footballers and are way behind of the top three Indian cricketers.


2012 Olympic bronze medal winner in women’s boxing, is leading the women table in India. However, she earned a lesser score than Indian PM but higher than MS Dhoni as she achieved the admiration score of 10.36%. Retired IPS officer Kiran Bedi (9.46%) and legendary singer Lata Mangeskar (9.23%) are the only other women who earned more admiration score than MS Dhoni.


More than 42,000 people from 41 countries took part in the interview process.

In the world list, Bill Gates is standing on top with 9.6% admiration score. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is leading the world women’s table with the admiration score of 8.8%. Among the Indians in the world list, PM Narendra Modi (4.8%) is in the sixth position of men’s list. Meanwhile, Deepika Padukone (2.8%) and Priyanka Chopra (2.8%) are in the 13th and 14th positions of world women’s list.

Cristiano Ronaldo (4.3%) and Lionel Messi (3.8%) are in the seventh and ninth positions respectively in global men’s list.


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