Netizens make hay as multiple floodlight failures mar Pakistan vs Sri Lanka match

Free Press Journal

Free Press Journal

Author 2019-10-02 02:00:42

Karachi, also known as the City of Lights, witnessed an embarrassing situation during the second ODI match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. What made matters worse was the fact that ODI matches were making their return to the city after 10 long years. The incident that made netizens roll on the floor with laughter was the multiple floodlight failures that plagued the match being held at the National Stadium in Karachi.

The light failure caused major embarrassment to the Pakistan Cricket Board as one of the six floodlights of the stadium stopped functioning, not once but twice, resulting in a 26-minute interruption. Social media users were quick to pounce on this opportunity and started trolling the Pakistan Cricket Board.

However, it seems that Pakistan had the last laugh as they went on to win the match by 67 runs. Sri Lanka scored 238 runs, with Pakistan setting a target of 305 runs.

Here are some of the funniest reactions that’ll surely lighten your mood.


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