Nothing comes easy in Test cricket: Opener Rohit Sharma on new found success as red-ball opener

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Author 2019-11-01 11:19:00


Rohit Sharma scored 5 hundreds in the World Cup before starting his opening role in Tests with twin 100s (IANS Photo)


  • Rohit Sharma scored 5 hundreds in the World Cup before starting his opening role in Tests with twin 100s
  • Rohit said that he wore the same pair of socks throughout the World Cup 2019
  • Rohit also said that he has been given a role by the team and he is just trying to fulfill it

New India Test opener Rohit Sharma, in an exclusive interview with Aaj Tak has asserted that he will continue playing his natural attacking game in the longer format even if he is criticized for it in the future. In an exclusive interview with the channel, Rohit also said that the belief of the team management in his abilities has propelled him to continue playing the only way he knows.

When Vikrant Gupta - Senior Executive Editor, Aaj Tak - asked Rohit about his thoughts on whether owing to his style of play, it is a bit easier for him to score double hundreds in Tests, Rohit replied by saying that 'nothing comes easy' when it comes to the traditional format of the game.

"Nothing comes easy in Test cricket. In the initial phase of my Test career, I was giving too much respect to the bowlers while forgetting that I have to keep playing my natural game. I will keep playing my shots in the future as well even if people start criticizing me. I will keep backing my game. I know what the team management has told me and I have been given a role. Even if 10 innings don't work out the way I want, it won't affect me as the team management backing is very important. If I can keep doing that, the team will be in a very dominant position in Test cricket," said Rohit.

On being given the role of opening in Tests, Rohit said that he was already preparing for it since the team management had plans for him from before.

"It was a good breakthrough. I have said it already that the plan (to open in Tests) was being discussed for some time between the captain, coach and the selectors. Mentally, when I was not playing Tests, I used to prepare as an opener - like watching videos of great Test openers. I believe I have got a good platform but it's in my hands to not let go of that opportunity.

"Initially I was a middle-order batsman, even during the start of my ODI career. But in India especially when the ball gets old, shot-making becomes difficult. It doesn't mean that I haven't got opportunities to bat a lot of overs. But while opening, if you are through the initial phase, whether at home or away, you can only get out by your own mistake," said Rohit.

Rohit also revealed a couple of his superstitious beliefs which have brought him loads of success. While scoring 5 hundreds in the World Cup 2019, Rohit wore the same pair of socks in all the 9 India games after having scored a hundred wearing them in the opening fixture vs South Africa. Something similar transpired in the recent Test series vs the Proteas.

"It has led to superstitions. The t-shirt that I wore in one of the Tests against SA, I continued wearing it in the 2nd session too. There is a feel-good factor about such things. It's been like that with me since childhood. Even in the World Cup, after scoring 100 vs SA, I used the same socks in all the rest games," said Rohit.


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