Only batsman who hit 12 sixes in one Test innings, who will break the record

Religion Gyan

Religion Gyan

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Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about the top 10 batsmen who hit the most sixes in an innings of Test cricket.

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1. This record is recorded in the name of fast bowler and batsman Wasim Akram, in the year 1996, he scored 257 runs. During this time, he had 12 sixes off his bat.

2. In second place is Nathan Astle of New Zealand. Nathan Astle had scored 222 runs in the year 2002. During this time, he had 11 sixes off his bat.

3. Also in 2003, Matthew Hayden of Australia hit 11 sixes. In this, he scored 380 runs.

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4. New Zealand's Brandon McCullum has hit 11 sixes in an innings of Test cricket. This he did in 2014, when he played 202 runs ORG.

5. It was Brandon McCullum who hit 11 sixes during another innings in 2014. During this time a total of 195 runs were scored with his bat.

Top 10 batsmen with the most sixes in a Test innings: -

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Who can break Wasim Akram's record: -

The current vice-captain of the Indian team, Rohit Sharma, is considered an expert in hitting sixes. He has crossed the 200 mark in ODIs three times. In such a situation, if he is set to crease someday in the Test. So hitting 12 sixes is not a big deal for him and he can break this record of Wasim Akram anytime.

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Do you think Rohit Sharma can hit 12 sixes in a Test innings? Please state in the comment.


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