PAK vs SL: Opener Fakhar Zaman out of team, this veteran got a chance

Cricket alvis

Cricket alvis

Author 2019-09-17 14:43:57

Friends, today we will tell you why opener Fakhar Zaman is out of the team? And who will play in their place in the team. You will know in detail.

Fakhar Zaman

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As you know Fakhr Zaman plays the innings whenever he plays. But due to injury, Fakhar Zaman will not get a chance in the Sri Lanka series as he will remain out of the team until his fitness test is passed. That they may take a month and a half as the Sri Lanka series will also be finished in a month and a half.

Abid Ali

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Let us tell you that the opener tell stop will be given to Apli Ali, who knows how to open well and play well, he also got a chance in T20 squad, he did well against Australia.


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