Paw Paw's Inspiring World Series Trip With Grand-daughter Courtney



Author 2019-10-26 02:14:00


A motivational story about a grand-daughter taking her grandfather to the 2019 World Series is making big waves across the internet. The message is clear, to spend more time with your loved ones and seize the best moments. The video was shared on social media and since then has received several reactions.

The heartwarming surprise

During a World Series 2019, the Astros did not score as expected by the fans. But Jack King, an 87-year-old man along with his Grand-daughter Cortney King became an inspiration for them. The duo was featured in a story by an international publication on October 23. They had gone to witness Game 2 of the World Series. The old man was rather overwhelmed when his grand-daughter surprised him with two tickets to the game. Jack King, 87 is a retired welder who lives in Beaumont. Due to his age, the man can barely walk and rarely goes out.

Seize the moment

Courtney King decided to spend some time with her Grand-father. In the post shared on social media, she said that the final score was not what she and her Paw Paw were expecting and the game was rather disappointing. But at the same time, she made priceless memories with her grandfather. Courtney was overwhelmed with the response her video received. She said that her phone never stopped buzzing. It certainly was an emotional moment for her, as she believes it was probably the last time Jack made it to the stadium as he can barely walk. She also said that she wanted to seize that moment and not take even a single moment for granted.

Reactions to the video

After she posted the video on social media, her perspective touched several hearts. She was tagged in several social media posts and comments. In this fast-moving life, we often forget to spend time with our loved ones and with the onset of social media, personal interaction has taken a backseat. After watching Courtney’s video many people commented on how they should spend more time with their grandparents. Some also said that it's time to forget all the grudges and reconnect with family and friends. Courtney said that it was her job to meet and talk to people in a vulnerable state which is a constant reminder of how fragile life is. She had won tickets from a Facebook contest, she said that she wanted to treat her grandfather with the lifetime experience of the game because he is a die-hard fan of Astros.


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