Ravi Shastri’s napping pic is Twitter’s favourite new meme. People get hilariously creative

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times

Author 2019-10-22 15:10:34


India’s emphatic performance in the ongoing India vs South Africa series is earning applauds from people all over the Internet – especially on Twitter. However, during a recent match an image of India’s coach Ravi Shastri has sparked chatter on Twitter.

It’s an image of Ravi Shastri napping during an ongoing match. It sparked a wave of hilarious comments.

It didn’t take long for the creative minds on Twitter to turn the image into hilarious memes. There’s a chance the memes will make you chuckle as well. Take a look:

Yesterday, an image of Virat Kohli – shared on Twitter by BCCI – created quite a stir among people. The Indian cricket board tweeted the image and asked people to caption it. Twitter obliged and came up with several funny memes using Kohli’s image as a template.

Which of these memes is your favourite?


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