Ravi Shastri On Rishabh Pant: You Are Letting The Team Down

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Author 2019-09-16 17:33:04


Wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant has taken place of MS Dhoni as a Wicketkeeper but not as a batsman which the team needs. The Delhi lad has shown the potential as a batsman but is not able to convert it into the field. He is not able to analyze the situation and selects wrong shots due to which he has to move early to the Pavillion. The Indian team head coach Ravi Shastri also is of the same view as he talks to Star Sports about Rishabh’s performance.

Ravi Shastri opines that if Pant will not perform well, he can lose the chances to be in the team. He needs to play sensible cricket according to the situation. If he repeats the same mistake as done in West Indies soil, he will have to work on himself.

“We’ll let him be but at times when you see a shot, as the first ball dismissal in Trinidad, if he repeats that, then Pant will be told. There will be a rap on the knuckles, talent or no talent,” the head coach said.

“As simple as that. Because you are letting the team down, forget letting yourselves down. In a situation where you have the captain at the other end, a target to chase, the need of the hour is sensible cricket,” Shastri was quoted as saying in an interview with Star Sports.

Rishabh Pant should not change his style


Pant has given a commendable performance in . Everybody is expecting from him to show the same performance in international cricket. But the 21-year-old is struggling to give his best to the national team. Ravi Shastri is of the view that he doesn’t need to change his style. He only needs to analyze the situation.

“No one will even think of changing his style. Like Virat said, reading the situation, match-awareness and shot-selection become crucial. If he can fathom that, he could be unstoppable. It could take one game, it could take four games. He has played so much IPL cricket, he will learn. It’s time now for him to step up and show how devastating he can be,” Shastri said with captain Virat Kohli by his side.

Skipper praises Rishabh Pant’s talent but wants him to improve his decision in the selection of shots.

“Someone like Rishabh will hit five boundaries in a difficult situation compared to me, who likes to take singles or twos and get out of it. Everyone has their own game but reading the situation and decision-making is an expectation from everyone in the team, not just Rishabh,” Kohli said


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