Ravi Shastri slams MS Dhoni's critics who want him to retire



Author 2019-10-26 17:45:02

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Team India head coach Ravi Shastri has lashed out at the people who advised former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni to retire. Shastri has said that those who are criticizing Dhoni and raising questions about his cricketing future, cannot even tie to their laces. He added that giving a statement on Dhoni is a disrespect for the former India captain.

"Half the guys commenting on can't even tie their shoelaces. Look at what he's achieved for the country. Why are people in a hurry to see him off? Maybe, they don't find enough talking points. He and everybody who knows him know he'll be going away soon. So, let it happen when it has to," Ravi Shastri told The Times of India.

Dhoni is the only Indian captain to win the T20 world cup, 50 over world cup and Champions trophy. He also led the Indian test team to number one position in the rankings.

"Making statements at his expense is downright disrespectful. After 15 years of playing for India, wouldn't he know what's the right thing to do? When he retired from Test what did he say? That Wriddhiman Saha was good enough to be handed over the wicket-keeping gloves. He was correct. He's been a shadow when it comes to the team, always sharing his mind, lending his views.

"Let me say this: MS Dhoni has earned the right to retire when he wants to. And let this debate end once and for all," Shastri added.

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There have been speculation about the retirement of former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni since the 2019 World Cup. Dhoni has kept himself out of the national duties ever since he made himself unavailable for the series against West Indies. He further didn’t play in the T20 series against South Africa and will also not play against Bangladesh.


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