Rishabh Pant - How will the form improve, what is the solution

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Author 2019-09-24 14:28:00

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Wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant continues to be the subject of constant discussion. Pant has talent but his performance in international cricket is not proportionate. Pant's style is aggressive. This is his natural sport. Changing it will not be right. But the question is to understand the circumstances and play the shot. It has been seen many times that their natural game dominates the situation. At times, it seems that the bowler has not dismissed him, but he himself has been out playing bad shots.

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On Monday, former batsman VVS Laxman also said that batting at number five will be beneficial for Pant. Laxman said, "The nature of Rishabh Pant's batting is that he always plays aggressively ... unfortunately at international level he could not succeed at number four." He said, "Pant has to bat at number 5 and 6. Where you have a chance to express yourself and at the moment they don't know what is the right way to score at number four. 'Pant has played 20 T20I matches for India so far. In this, he has scored 325 runs at an average of 20.31. His strike rate was 126.63. B

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Pant's performance in T20 International

Match 100 not out average s50s striker rate

2019332520.3102126.63 Pant's performance in the past one year (23 September 2018 - 23 September 2019)

MatchaParinot outrun average 100 s50s strike rate 1615225219.3802121.26

Pant and Pandya have played most matches

The most T20 International matches for India in the last one year have been played by Krunal Pandya and Rishabh Pant. Both these players have played 16-16 matches in total. Shikhar Dhawan has played 11 matches. Rohit Sharma has participated in 14 and Dinesh Karthik, Khalil Ahmed and Bhuvneshwar Kumar have played 11 T20 Internationals. Virat Kohli has played 10 matches. Kohli did not play three matches in the West Indies tour of India in 2018 and New Zealand in February 2019.

Players who have played the most T20I matches for India in the last one year

Krunal Pandya and Rishabh Pant 16 Shikhar Dhawan 15 Rohit Sharma 14 Dinesh Karthik, Khalil Ahmed and Bhuvneshwar Kumar 11 Virat Kohli * 10 Many chances found, but result not expected

This wicket-keeper batsman is constantly on target due to his performance. The question is not on Pant's talent but on his shot selection. Pant's shot selection coach Ravi Shastri, batting coach Vikram Rathore have also been targeted. He played in all 16 T20 matches played for India in the last one year (23 September 2018 - 23 September 2019). Apart from Pant, only Krunal Pandya was the only Indian player. Pant's batting average was 19.38 during this period. His strike rate was 121.26. It can be called fine, not spectacular.

Will change in batting order change luck

An important advice regarding Pant is that this young batsman be sent to bat at number five instead of four. Former captain and veteran batsman Sunil Gavaskar has also said that number 5 will be the right place for Pant. Here, he will be able to bat openly, while at number four, he has the additional responsibility of grooming the innings.

In what year did he perform at number three, batting at number three. During this time, his average was 45 (40 * in an innings), a key role in this. His strike rate was 132.25. However, in 14 other innings played at number 4,5 and 6 in the last one year, he has scored 207 runs at an average of 17.25. His highest score is 65 not out. During this time he has scored at a strike rate of 125.45.


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