Rohit Sharma's fall after taking a catch is the latest meme that has desi users hooked

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Indian Express

Author 2019-10-15 17:53:00

Indian Express 15 Oct 2019 15:23 PM

His memorable catch to dismiss Senuran Muthusamyand has become the talking point online. Not because of just it's importance but how he fell and the moment because meme-worthy, triggering hilarious meme-fest online.


Despite Virat Kohli’s double ton and India breaking Australia’s record for most consecutive Test series wins at home, it was Rohit Sharma who got most of the attention from desi Tweeple. Reason? His memorable catch to dismiss Senuran Muthusamyand. The dismissal has triggered several hilarious memes; not because how important the wicket was for India, but it was how Sharma fell after taking the catch.

Though Mohammed Shami got Muthusamy’s wicket, Sharma stole all the attention online after other fielders helped him to his feet.

His team mates expression while holding him has inspired memes comparing the fall to relatable situations in real lie. From being floored when a crush replies to a text to a friend who vouches not being drunk but can’t stand straight, people came up with funny reactions to aptly use his picture.

Sample these:



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