Rohit Sharma Almost Trips As Pitch Invader Tries To Touch His Feet



Author 2019-10-12 17:50:00


Indian fans' reverence for their cricketers is on a next level and it has been proved often during the matches at home, as fans invade the field in order to attempt to touch or meet their favourite stars from the national team. This time it was India's star opener Rohit Sharma, who almost tripped over a fan, who had tried to touch the Hit Man's feet during the second Test in Pune. As India was fielding, a fan attempted to touch Rohit Sharma's feet following which Rohit Sharma tried to prevent him from doing so and nearly lost his balance in the process. A series of pictures from the match reveals the exact moment and other players including skipper Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja and Mayank Agarwal can be seen looking on as Rohit Sharma almost falls down. India mounted pressure on the Proteas right from the beginning, leaving them three wickets down at stumps on Day two and further weakened their position on Day three.

Rohit Sharma almost tips over


Kagiso Rabada's ugly spat with de Kock

After the first delivery of the 123rd over, Rabada threw the ball to the wicketkeeper, who was probably not aware of the same and thus failed to catch in time. The two batsmen on the crease - Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja - sensed an opportunity to sneak a quick single. Rabada, who was visibly frustrated since the Indian batsmen were on the strong foot, lost his cool and shouted at his teammate for not being alert and giving away a run. de Kock, another senior member of the team was not in any mood to take hear anything from hid bowler and replied to his bowler. The incident did not end there since at the end of the over, they continued the argument and since Rabada was close to the wicketkeeper while fielding, it only increased. Captain Faf de Plessis had to jog over to prevent the situation from running out of hand. South Africa are currently trailing India by 376 runs with two wickets left and are struggling to push forward but a follow on looks inevitable for the Proteas.


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