Rohit Sharma will have a grand record of 'sixes' on Sunday

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Author 2019-11-09 16:57:28

Rohit Sharma, who captained Team India in the T20 series against Bangladesh, is setting new records one after the other. Rohit's bat in great form is doing wonders in 2019. Rohit, who hit the most sixes this year, has the chance to score 400 sixes for the first time from India. The Indian captain can complete his 400 sixes in international cricket in the decisive T20 played in Nagpur.

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India won on the basis of 85 runs played by Rohit Sharma in 43 balls in Rajkot T20. The Indian captain scored 6 sixes and 6 fours in this innings. On the basis of this magnificent innings, India drew 1–1 against Bangladesh in the series. Rohit scored 37th six in T20 International as captain during this match. In the matter of hitting sixes, Rohit broke Mahendra Singh Dhoni's record of 34 sixes as captain.

Rohit will become the first Indian to hit 400 international sixes

Playing for India, Rohit Sharma has so far hit a total of 498 international sixes. With just 2 sixes, he will reach a big score of 400. Rohit could become the first Indian batsman to do so. While Rohit has hit 51 sixes in Test cricket, he has the highest number of 232 sixes in ODIs. Rohit, who has played 100 T20 Internationals, has so far hit 115 sixes in this format.

Rohit sixes in international cricket

30 Tests 51 Sixes

218 ODIs 232 Sixes

100 T20 115 Sixes


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