Sachin Tendulkar Gives Masterclass Analysis Of Steve Smith In Ashes



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ICC Hall of Famer Sachin Tendulkar was all praises for Australia's run-machine Steve Smith, who amassed 774 runs in four matches in the recently concluded edition of Ashes. Hailed as one of the greatest Test cricketers, Steve Smith etched himself in the minds of cricket fans as he single-handedly saved Australia on most occasions. Steve Smith has been in phenomenal form ever since his return from the one-year-ban and has gone on to overtake Travis Head to become Australia's leading run-scorer in Tests for the past year playing just five matches. Steve Smith is second only to Test legend Don Bradman as he averages approximately 65 in the longer format of the game.

Master Blaster's masterclass on Smith's performance

Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar analyzed Steve Smith's performance through the Ashes series and took the step-by-step route to explain how Smith adjusted himself in every match. Sachin Tendulkar explained that Steve Smith, in the first game at Lord's, attempted to shuffle in his crease to the off-side while exposing his leg stump and guarding the off-stump. In the second game, Sachin Tendulkar said that Steve Smith's stance led to him being in a bad position and hence couldn't meet short deliveries from, especially Jofra Archer adequately, leading to Smith being floored and ruled out for the third contest. Sachin Tendulkar demonstrated how Steve Smith was leaving the ball after his return in the fourth and fifth match and pointed out at instances where Steve Smith was making mistakes with his technique. However, the Master Blaster said that irrespective of Smith's technique, his play was organized and hence it turned out to be brilliant. See Sachin Tendulkar's masterclass below:

Steve Smith's former coach makes huge claim

Lamenting Australian cricket's "aversion" to embrace unconventional styles, Steve Smith's formative coach Trent Woodhill observed that his famous ward's uniqueness would be accepted in the Indian system, where it is "all about the output". Days after Steve Smith redefined the art of run-scoring in an Ashes series that belonged to him, Woodhill said uniqueness and unorthodox styles should be celebrated. Steve Smith dominated the series by accumulating 774 runs at an average of more than 110 that included three centuries and as many fifties. However, his unique approach to batting, especially while leaving deliveries, was discussed by those who view his technique through the classical lens.

"If Steven was Indian, his technique and mechanics and the strategy around his batting would just be accepted," Woodhill was quoted as saying in ESPNcricinfo. "We see Kohli, Gavaskar, (Rohit) Sharma, Ganguly, Sehwag - all these players have unique techniques. The Indian system is all about output, about scoring runs, 'We don't care how you do it as long as you do it', whereas in Australia we wanted you to score well and we wanted you to look good."


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