Sachin Tendulkar said, why had to plead with the coach? What would happen if I failed

Devender Gupta

Devender Gupta

Author 2019-09-28 10:54:12

New Delhi: The Indian cricket team is preparing for the India vs South Africa Test series these days. The most discussed before this series is Rohit Sharma. He has been selected for the first time in the Test team as an opener. Rohit Sharma is the best opener of ODI format. Now this time will tell how successful they are in this role in Test cricket. Meanwhile, the world's best opener Sachin Tendulkar told that he did not get this role easily. He had to plead with the then captain and coach to get this position.

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Sachin Tendulkar has opened 340 times in ODI career. However, in Test matches, he preferred to play at number-4. Sachin Tendulkar told that he had to beg for the opener position in ODIs. He wanted this role so that he could play with his natural aggression.

Sachin Tendulkar told, 'I had scored 82 off 49 balls in my first match as an opener. So I did not have to ask again if I would get a chance to do the opening. At that time everyone had agreed that I should open. But here I am trying to tell that I am not scared of failure. '

When Sachin Tendulkar opened in 1994 against New Zealand, the team captain was Azharuddin and coach Ajit Wadekar. Sachin had asked Wadekar to give him a chance to open. If they fail, then they will not talk about opening again. Sachin opened in his first match in place of Navjot Singh Sidhu. Sidhu did not play in that match due to injury. This left only one specialist opener in the team, Ajay Jadeja. Sachin Tendulkar went to the opening with Jadeja.


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