Selectors right to back young wicketkeepers. Dhoni’s a legend, but it’s time India moved on



Author 2019-10-25 14:39:58


All legends have to end, even in cricket, even if that legend’s called M.S. Dhoni. Indian cricket’s chief selector M.S.K. Prasad is absolutely right to decide to move on from Dhoni and back younger wicket-keepers. Dhoni is 38. His best is behind him. It’s time he retired like a legend.

Rahul Gandhi’s silence is telling. A Congress in need of makeover deserves a better leader

Rahul Gandhi’s silence over the Congress party’s better-than-expected performance in Maharashtra and Haryana elections shows him in very poor light. A leader cannot sulk over the success of his team even if they are not part of his coterie. A party that desperately needs refueling deserves a better, gracious leader.


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