Shoaib Akhtar revealed that all the players of Pakistan were involved in match fixing

Best of Cricket

Best of Cricket

Author 2019-11-06 08:19:59

Former Pakistani express fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar recently revealed about Pakistani players involved in match fixing during a talk show.

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Akhtar used to playing against 21 players in a single match

Shoaib said that during his playing days, he used to face 21 players during a single match. 11 were of opposition and 10 from his own team as he never knew who all were involved in match fixing.

Mohammad Asif confessed him about fixing matches

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Former Pakistani fast bowler Asif confessed to Akhtar about being involved in fixing matches. He revealed about all the games he fixed. Akhtar even claimed that Mohammad Amir was also involved in match fixing.

Akhtar once went to beat Asif and Amir

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Akhtar once went to beat Asif and Amir but couldn't find them. He ended up punching the wall due to this. So guys do you believe what Akhtar revealed about Pakistani players? Stay connected and don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Source: Sanjeevni Today


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