Spirited moments on DH Ground recalled



Author 2019-10-14 19:04:00

img Vishnu Muraleedharan By Express News Service KOCHI: There’s nothing more beautiful than a smile that appears after years of struggle and tears. The annual get together of DH Ground Friends Circle, comprising 100-odd men in their late 60s and early 70s who used to play various sports on the ground during the 1970s, asserts the fact. The group got together to celebrate the good old days, at Rama Varma Club on Sunday. “This may probably be the only group to have formed under the name of a ground,” said Vasanth Shenoy, a member of the group who is a former hockey state captain and later umpire.“Cricket pitches, football grounds and hockey turfs, all overlapped here on this ground , As Reported By TNIE.

According to the Newspaper,There would be moments when a football would accidentally roll over a cricket pitch and vice-versa. The small fights that ensued over the silliest of matters such as this remain the best memories for us,” said Vasanth. Mohan, a member of the group, shared a fond memory of a time when the very name of Durbar Hall Ground gave an adrenaline rush. “Back in those days, we had no mobile phones or even TVs.


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