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Author 2019-09-16 23:08:43

Australia's experienced batsman Steve Smith, who scored 774 runs in seven innings of five matches at an average of 110 in the Ashes Series-2019, now wants to rest for a few weeks from cricket. Smith received the Man of the Series award for his outstanding performance in the Ashes. England's team managed to draw a five-match Ashes series 2–2, winning the fifth and final match by 135 runs.

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Smith said at the post-match press conference, "I have been here for more than four months and I gave my best.But now I have nothing more to offer. "

"I'm a bit tired mentally and physically and now I want a little off (rest) for the next few weeks and back to enjoy the atmosphere of Australia," he said.

Smith continues to hold on to the top spot in the ICC Test rankings thanks to his outstanding performance. He had a brilliant innings of 144 runs in the first Test match of the Ashes The Australian batsman said, "The first Test of the Ashes series is always important. After bringing the team out of the crisis, my confidence increased tremendously. After that I felt that I can continue it even further."


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