Team India eyeing 10th T20 series, Kohli and company will do amazing !

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Author 2019-09-22 00:03:56


Hello friends India vs South Africa: When the Indian cricket team goes to play the Bengaluru T20 match on Sunday, the eye will be on the 10th series win. India won the second match of the series played in Mohali to take a 1-0 lead against South Africa. India would like to capture the series by winning the last match.

Kohli and Brigade have played very well in the T20 series, playing at home and outside in the last two years. The Indian cricket team has won 9 out of the last 14 series and this win will be their 10th win against South Africa.


India won 9 out of 14 series

The England team that visited India in 2016-17 was defeated 2–1 by India. After this, India beat Sri Lanka while the series against Australia was 1-1. After this series, Team India registered seven consecutive series victories against New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Ireland, England and West Indies. India's win over Australia ended with a 1–1 draw.


South Africa will win after West Indies

India had won 3–0 in the recent West Indies T20 series. Team India defeated hosts West Indies in all three consecutive matches. Now the team's eyes are on winning against South Africa. India are ahead 1-0 in the second T20 win of the series in Mohali and will take possession of the series as soon as they face Bengaluru.

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