The Batsmen who has scored the most runs, sixes and centuries in Tests in 2019.



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Hello friends, welcome all of you once again, friends Rohit Sharma hit a brilliant double century in the third test, so let's know, in 2019, about the runs in the test, the most centuries and the most sixes batsmen -

1. The batsmen who scored the most runs -

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In terms of scoring the most runs in Tests in 2019, Steve Smith is in the first place, Smith has scored 774 runs, Rohit Sharma has made a long jump in the list, Sharma has scored 529 runs in just 3 matches and the sixth. Ajinkya Rahane has come at the eighth position in the list, Rahane has scored a total of 505 runs, while Virat Kohli is at eleventh place with 476 runs.

2. The batsmen scoring the most centuries -

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Rohit Sharma has become the emperor with the highest century in Tests in the year 2019, Sharma has scored a total of 3 centuries in just 3 matches, with 2 centuries and 1 double century, while Mayank Agarwal and Rahane also with 2-2 centuries. The fourth and fifth places have come.

3. The batsmen with the most sixes -

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Rohit Sharma has become the Sixer King of the Test in the year 2019, Rohit has scored 19 centuries in just 3 matches, Mayank is fourth with 10 sixes and Ravindra Jadeja is seventh with 8 sixes, what about you? Roy, you must tell us by commenting.

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