The best jokes and memes inspired by Ravi Shastri's line ‘bhaad mein gaya pitch’

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Author 2019-10-23 15:42:13

Indian Express 23 Oct 2019 13:12 PM

While a few suggested he should patent his 'Bhaad mein gaya pitch', dubbing it an iconic line, suggesting it can be even used as a message on cool, trendy T-shirts, others used it as a meme fodder.


India defeated South Africa 3-0 in the Test series and the reaction that made the most waves online was that of coach Ravi Shastri had the best reaction. Speaking after the victory in the Ranchi Test, Shastri said that the team’s motto was to take pitches out of the equation to ensure victories.

When commentator Sanjay Manjrekar asked him “What’s the difference between this team and the team that you took charge five years ago?”, Shastri replied that they had a new line of thinking.

“Bhaad me gaya pitch (to hell with the pitches),” Shastri said.

“We need to take 20 wickets and it doesn’t matter if it’s Mumbai, Auckland, Melbourne, anywhere. Once we have taken those 20 wickets, our batting, once it gets going it’s like a smooth-running Ferrari,” he said in tongue-and-cheek.

Praising key players for their performance, Shastri underlined that performances and skills matter more than the playing conditions.

Watch his post-match remarks here:

The clip went viral and had people on social media in splits. While many claimed the brilliant performance and form of current team was like managing an aircraft on auto-pilot, others came up with jokes and memes centred around Shastri’s quote. Some suggested that the Indian coach should patent the line given it can be a line on t-shirts.

Sample these:



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