The player who scored the most sixes in the year 2019, see the place of Rohit Sharma.



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Hello friends and welcome to our UC News Channel. Once again we are present for you with another information related to the cricket world. Today in this article, we will tell you about the 10 batsmen who have scored the most sixes in all three formats of the Test, ODI and T20 in the year 2019.

1. Rohit Sharma:

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Rohit Sharma has hit the most sixes from India. Rohit Sharma has played 48 matches this year, in which he has hit a total of 82 sixes. Rohit Sharma will complete 100 sixes in international cricket in 2019 as soon as he hits 18 sixes.

2. Chris Gayle:

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Now let's talk about the number two player on this list. West Indies fatal batsman Chris Gayle comes second on this list. Gayle has played a total of 19 matches in the year 2019, in which he has hit a total of 58 sixes.

3. Shimron Hetmeyer:

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West Indies young batsman Shimron Hetmyer is third on the list, having scored 1282 runs in 44 matches of the year 2019, which includes 52 sixes.

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4. Eoin Morgan:

England batsman Eoin Morgan is at number three in this list. Morgan has scored 967 runs in 28 matches in his year 2019. And talk about sixes, Eoin Morgan has scored a total of 46 sixes this year.

5) Ben Stokes: 41 sixes.

6) Glenn Maxwell: 40 sixes.

7) Kevin O'Brien: 39 sixes.

8) Jose Butler: 36 sixes.

9) Aaron Finch: 36 sixes.

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