The records of these Indian cricketers who have taken retirement under compulsion are still not broken, know them in detail

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Author 2019-09-26 19:40:00


But as the bat starts to score fewer runs, the players start ignoring the players without which the team could never have imagined. Today we will talk about 3 such Indian batsmen, who deserved a fantastic farewell. But he had to decide to retire without any disappointment without being disappointed.

3. Gautam Gambhir


Former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir holds such a record, which only a select few Indian players can reach. Yes, Gautam Gambhir is the only Indian batsman to score 5 centuries in consecutive matches in Test cricket. Gambhir did this feat in 2009. Gautam Gambhir had scored 137, 167 (vs New Zealand), 114, 167 (vs Sri Lanka) and 116 (vs Bangladesh) runs during these 5 consecutive centuries. This record of Gautam Gambhir for the last 10 years is unbreakable.

2. Virender Sehwag

On hearing Virender Sehwag's name, the image of an explosive batsman comes out. He is the only batsman to have a world record for scoring the most triple century in Test cricket. Sehwag is the only Indian to be number 1 with Don Bradman, Chris Gayle, and Brian Lara scoring the most triple centuries. Not only this, in 2009, Sehwag had the distinction of being the highest Indian to score 284 runs in a single day of Test against Sri Lanka. No Indian has broken this record of Sehwag for the last 10 years.

1. Yuvraj Singh

The left-hander Yuvraj Singh, who is looking forward to returning to the Indian team, announced his retirement when he was not selected in the World Cup 2019. A farewell was made for Yuvraj, who was the real crown of the 2011 World Cup. Who can forget the 2007 T20 World Cup? Where Yuvraj scored 36 runs against England with 6 sixes off 6 balls of an over from Stuart Broad. 12 years have passed but no Indian batsman of the world has touched this record.


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