There was a ruckus in the cricket world, Australia broke biggest ODI record.



Author 2019-10-27 10:49:48

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Australia's women's team has created history in ODI cricket. The Kangaroo team set a world record by winning the 18th consecutive win. In the third ODI against Sri Lanka, on Wednesday, Australia won the series by 9 wickets and won the series as well as the world record.

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Australia set a world record

In the second ODI of the series played with Sri Lanka, on Monday, Australia's team scored 110 runs to register their 17th successive win. With this match won, the Australian team equaled their own 17th win record.

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The Australian team had won 17 consecutive ODIs under the captaincy of Belinda Clarc from 1997 to 1999. Under the captaincy of Mag Lanning, on Wednesday, Australia's team won the world record after winning the 18th.

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