These 10 dangerous match finishers of the world will be remember for centuries

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Author 2019-11-03 23:42:04

The player who plays at number five and six is ​​named the finisher. The task of these players is to lead their team to victory. These players have to perform well in the match in a situation of extreme pressure. There have been many match finishers in the cricket world who have won their team with their intelligence.

In today's article, we are going to tell you about those 10 dangerous players who are considered to be the most dangerous and best finishers in the world. Let us know about them-

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10- Javed Miandad

Pakistan's explosive batsman Javed Miandad comes at number four. He is considered to be very reliable in the finisation of the match. In every way, he is a complete player. Javed knows how to turn the match. This is his ability to win a losing match. He played a great innings during Shah Jahah.

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9- Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Razzaq, a former Pakistan all-rounder, was a right-handed batsman. It was very easy for him to come in at the end of the match and hit fours and sixes. He was one of the most dangerous batsmen, Abdul scored 47 runs against England (2005) in just 11 balls. However, Abdul was also known as a great bowler.

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8- Mark Boucher

This South African batsman is very famous due to his dangerous batting. Boucher is a wicket-keeper as well as a brilliant batsman. How to win a losing match is Boucher's skill. He lost the match of the entire match several times due to a barrage of runs that came out of his bat. It is his hobby to reduce the game pressure with the balls on the boundaries during the pressure at the end of the match.

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7- Mike Hussey

Australian middle-order left-handed batsman Mike Hussey is also known as Mr. Cricket. In ODI cricket, he is famous for scoring big runs for the team in difficult conditions. In the 2010 T20 World Cup match, Mike played a stormy 80-run unbeaten innings against Pakistan and gave Australia a great win.

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6- Michael Bevan

Famous Australian batsman Michael Bevan was a great one-day match finisher. Bevan, who plays at number six in the team, was known for winning the match due to his fiery innings. He played many excellent innings in ODIs and won his team.

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5- Andre Russell

In the cricket world, this West Indies player is known as Power Man. In an IPL match, he scored an unbeaten 38 runs on 33 Gaydon. Russell won several matches in international cricket as a finisher to his team West Indies. In the IPL too, he played the role of finisher in many matches for his team KKR.

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4- Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi is considered one of the best finishers of Pakistan team. They won the Pakistan team in many matches on their own. Let us tell you that Afridi played the role of opener for Pakistan for some time.

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3- Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard is also a very dangerous finisher. Pollard has won the West Indies many matches on his own. Let me tell you that Pollard plays for Mumbai Indians in IPL. Kieron Pollard has scored more than 3000 runs in international cricket at a strike rate of 110.

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2- Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Former captain of the Indian team, that famous wicket-keeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is also known as Captain Cool. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the best match finisher of the present time, makes big runs for the team in difficult conditions. Dhoni has won India on many important occasions, with this, he made India a world winner by hitting a six in the 2011 World Cup.

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1- AB de Villiers

The South African batsman has the style to end the match in his own style. De Villiers holds the record for hitting the seventh fastest century off 58 balls in ODI cricket. He scored 102 off 59 balls against India in Farbari 2010 in Ahmedabad. After this, he scored a century from 31 balls, which is the fastest century in ODI cricket. He is named among the most dangerous batsmen of this time.


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