These 3 memorable innings of Smith played against India, no. 3 innings every Indian rem

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Author 2019-09-19 09:58:08

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Friends, you will know that Steven Smith, former captain of Australia cricket team, who is a very good player, has also made many great records in his cricket career which are recorded in the pages of the threes and he has made many memorable innings in his career. There are games which are always on the tongue of cricket fans.

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In such a situation, friends, today I am going to tell you about the three memorable innings of Steven Smith, which he has played against India, there is such a memorable innings that the whole India cried after playing Steven Smith, so let's go Friends know which three memorable innings Steve Smith has played against India.

1- In the semi-final match played between India and Australia in the Friends World Cup 2015, Steve Smith played a brilliant innings of 105 off 93 balls. Australia won this match by 95 runs. The Indian cricket team was eliminated from the World Cup semi-final after losing this match. Fans of the Indian cricket team were seen crying after being eliminated from the World Cup.

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2- Friends, in the first ODI in the series played between India and Australia in the year 2016, Steve Smith played a brilliant innings of 150 runs from 135 balls. This match was won by Australia by 5 wickets.

In the fourth match of the ODI series played between Australia and India in 2015-2016, Steve Smith scored a stormy innings of 51 runs from just 29 balls, in this match David Warner scored 93 runs and Aaron Finch scored 107 runs. Had played Australia won this match by 25 runs.

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