These were without doubt Ben Stokes' Ashes as all-rounder's redemption sees him become a national icon

The Telegraph

The Telegraph

Author 2019-09-15 22:27:00


In buttery September light and with shadows lengthening the way cricket scribes love them to, Ben Stokes reached the end of his eternal summer. This was the high season that located him not just in English cricket’s pantheon but as one of the legends of English sport.

If Stokes needed one last flourish for 2019, how about diving low and fast at leg gully to scoop a ball pushed in his direction by Steve Smith, the nemesis. With an acrobatic catch completed Stokes found himself giving a piggyback to Joe Root, who jumped on him from behind in celebration. All through this series - a losing one for England under the Ashes ‘retention’ tradition - Root’s men have ridden on Stokes’ phenomenal appetite...

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