This batsmen can replace Shikhar Dhawan



Author 2019-09-16 01:37:51

Friends, as you know, Team India has lost their country by winning ODIs, T20s and Test series against West Indies. Let us know that now Team India will play domestic series of T20 and Test matches against South Africa.

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This batsman, who scored 1160 runs in 8 matches, can soon replace Dhawan in Team India

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Yes friends, today we are going to talk about a batsman who can soon replace Shikhar Dhawan in Team India. Let us know that Shikhar Dhawan has been unsuccessful in getting a place in Team India's Test team for some time.

Friends, we are talking about 28-year-old young batsman Mayank Agarwal, who won the Man of the Series award by scoring 1160 runs in 8 matches played in the 2017-18 Ranji Trophy. Let me tell you that Mayank Agarwal is currently playing as an opener in Team India's Test team.

Friends, if Mayank Agarwal continues to perform well in the Test team, then he can also join Team India's ODI and T20 soon. Let me tell you that Mayank Agarwal is considered an explosive batsman of T20. By the way, you must know that in the IPL, Mayank Agarwal plays for Kings XI Punjab.


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