This Brilliant New Scheme By Cricket Australia Allows Its Women Players To Remain On Contract While Raising A Family



Author 2019-10-11 14:48:15

Cricket Australia has revealed a new parental leave scheme which allow the players in its women's team be part of the game as active cricketers while raising a family.

It includes 12 months' paid parental leave for players who give birth along with a contract extension that goes into the next season so they are assured of returning to the sport.


"(It is) a world-leading parental leave policy providing all professional players peace of mind when starting a family," said the board.

It also includes provisions for men, including three weeks' paid parental leave. Alyssa Healy felt it would make a big difference.

"The policy is a game-changer for players planning for the future while providing job security," she said.


Australia's female cricketers received a huge pay boost in 2017 and the national women's team is currently on a high, having won their last 18 ODIs on the trot.


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