Top 100 players from SuperCoach BBL|08 and for SuperCoach BBL|09

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Dan Christian of the Renegades is one of the best T20 domestic players in the world - don’t sleep on him as an addition to your SuperCoach BBL line-upSource:Getty Images

SuperCoach BBL is back for another big year after a massive return season in BBL|08.

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We’ve provided you with two top 100 guides – players by their price in 2019, and players by their average last season; that means that while AB de Villers is in the former, he’s not in the latter … and due to his expected unavailability for half the BBL|09 season, he’s not even in our predicted top five players for the season ahead!

Much as in SuperCoach BBL last season, the best guide to which players to pick is your gut – if you think that the likes of Jake Lehmann will provide incredible value at that low, low price and step up after a quiet year last season, back him in! However, if you’re determined to play it a bit safer, it’s hard to go past the #2 player in the game and #1 in our ranking, D’Arcy Short from Hobart Hurricanes.

Ten standout players to consider for BBL|09:

A worthy second choice in our top 10 players for the season ahead, Stoinis is the clear high-priced player based upon his incredible season last year. He monstered it for the Stars, and any player who can average nearly 100 points in the game – nearly 30 average points per game higher than the tenth-ranked player – is worth selecting, particularly when he has dual position flexibility.

You simply can’t look past D’Arcy Short. He’s the top player in the game over Stoinis because, quite simply, he is more likely to play the full season. With Short unlikely to get a call up to tour India in the middle of the BBL|09 season, he’s a sure-fire winner for the majority of SuperCoach BBL sides, with his Dual Position Player flexibility making him a monty to pick in either the BAT or BWL position.

One of the biggest stars in the cricketing world for the last fifteen years, De Villiers did it all for South Africa – he debuted in Test cricket at just 20 years of age, and was soon a regular across all three formats for his country. He holds the record for the fastest 50 by South African in T20Is in just 21 balls, and has played franchise T20 cricket for Barbados Tridents, Tshwane Spartans, Rangpur Riders and Lahore Qalandars in leagues across the world, ahead of his maiden BBL sojourn this summer. He’s a brilliant player and one of the biggest international stars for this season.

Bowlers who do not have DPP flexibility might not be fashionable when it comes to SuperCoach BBL, but Kane Richardson is an exception – he was fourth most for total points last season, fifth for season-long average, and yet was #30 for most-selected at the end of the season. Crazy! He’s a proven SC BBL gun. The only caveat may be that he will likely be in the touring party for the Australian tour to India in January, missing a big chuck of the Big Bash season as a result.

Curran proved to be an out-and-out star in the Big Bash League last season, but there’s a massive concern ahead of this season – just how many games will he play? The likelihood is that, like his English counterpart Joffra Archer, he will be required for English duties for the majority of the back half of the BBL|09 season as they are touring South Africa at that time. He will, however, be around for the first part of the season.

Shane Warne’s star-studded SuperCoach team


Rashid Khan of the Strikers remains one of the best players to own in SuperCoach BBLSource:Getty Images

Some considered Khan’s BBL|09 season last a bit of a let-down – he didn’t command quite the same number of headline inches as he did the first time around, when the Strikers ended the competition as the winners. With his side struggling last year, Khan was nevertheless a strong performer and it’s reasonable to expect that he’ll be another wicket-taking weapon third time around.

While the likes of Shaun Marsh are unlikely to get Australian selection honours this summer, the chance that Usman Khawaja is picked at Test level or as part of the touring party to India raises some degree of concern in terms of his security, as he would be particularly handy as a lead-off batsman from a side who do not have a bye this SuperCoach BBL season. There’s a reason that he’s the eighth most expensive player in the game this season – he’s an absolutely T20 gun at domestic level.

Christian performs when it counts: in his last five games of the previous SuperCoach season he averaged 95 points per game and had two monster performances – a 158 point effort against the Scorchers and then a 126 point outing in the grand final against the Stars – and on only one of those games did he fail to crack less than 59 points.


Sean Abbott of the Sixers bowls during the previous Big Bash League seasonSource:News Regional Media

Sean Abbott is another player who – like the aforementioned Rashid Khan or Kane Richardson – is worth bringing in to your side as a specialist bowler in lieu of going for a lower-priced DPP option. He might not get to the crease that often – only twice in BBL|08 did he earn more than 30 points with his batting – but his guileful bowling makes him well worth having in your SC BBL squad as a specialist bowler.

There are three main reasons to seriously bringing Marsh in to your SuperCoach BBL squad. Firstly, the likelihood is that he will NOT be playing for Australia this summer – his season will be uninterrupted by higher commitments. Secondly, he has switched coasts and will now be playing for the reigning champion. Thirdly, he only played two games in BBL|08 – in one he made a century and scored 152 points, and in the other he failed and made 2. Expect him to score far better than his average last season and his price this year indicates he will be positioned in terms of overall ranking.

Pos.First nameLast nameTeamBBL|09 Price
1MarcusStoinisMelbourne Stars$278,900
2D'ArcyShortHobart Hurricanes$262,800
3ABde VilliersBrisbane Heat$225,000
4KaneRichardsonMelbourne Renegades$214,300
5TomCurranSydney Sixers$210,000
6RashidKhanAdelaide Strikers$203,300
7JoshLalorBrisbane Heat$201,900
8UsmanKhawajaSydney Thunder$198,500
9DanChristianMelbourne Renegades$197,600
10SeanAbbottSydney Sixers$195,300
11TravisHeadAdelaide Strikers$195,100
12MatthewWadeHobart Hurricanes$187,200
13BenCuttingBrisbane Heat$182,900
14StephenO'KeefeSydney Sixers$179,700
15MitchMarshPerth Scorchers$179,700
16JhyeRichardsonPerth Scorchers$178,200
17SandeepLamichhaneMelbourne Stars$176,600
18NathanCoulter-NileMelbourne Stars$175,300
19GlennMaxwellMelbourne Stars$175,100
20ChrisLynnBrisbane Heat$173,000
21CameronBoyceMelbourne Renegades$171,000
22DanielSamsSydney Thunder$170,200
23ZahirKhanBrisbane Heat$169,000
24DaleSteynMelbourne Stars$169,000
25AaronFinchMelbourne Renegades$167,000
26MatthewKellyPerth Scorchers$165,100
27MujeebUr RahmanBrisbane Heat$158,200
28JamesFaulknerHobart Hurricanes$155,400
29AndrewTyePerth Scorchers$149,800
30MohammadNabiMelbourne Renegades$149,200
31QaisAhmadHobart Hurricanes$148,600
32JofraArcherHobart Hurricanes$148,500
33ShaunMarshMelbourne Renegades$147,700
34NathanLyonSydney Sixers$145,500
35JasonBehrendorffPerth Scorchers$142,800
36AdamZampaMelbourne Stars$141,900
37JonoCookSydney Thunder$141,600
38ChrisGreenSydney Thunder$140,600
39AlexCareyAdelaide Strikers$139,800
40JamesVinceSydney Sixers$139,500
41RileyMeredithHobart Hurricanes$139,000
42ChristopherTremainSydney Thunder$137,600
43MatthewRenshawBrisbane Heat$136,500
44BenDwarshuisSydney Sixers$136,200
45CallumFergusonSydney Thunder$134,600
46DanielWorrallMelbourne Stars$134,100
47JacksonBirdSydney Sixers$133,900
48AshtonAgarPerth Scorchers$133,200
49MichaelNeserAdelaide Strikers$131,900
50NicMaddinsonMelbourne Stars$130,800
51PeterSiddleAdelaide Strikers$130,400
52JoshInglisPerth Scorchers$130,200
53HarryGurneyMelbourne Renegades$130,100
54MaxBryantBrisbane Heat$129,500
55AshtonTurnerPerth Scorchers$127,400
56JamesPattinsonBrisbane Heat$126,600
57PhilSaltAdelaide Strikers$125,000
58TomBantonBrisbane Heat$125,000
59AlexHalesSydney Thunder$125,000
60ChrisMorrisSydney Thunder$125,000
61JoshPhilippeSydney Sixers$123,000
62CameronBancroftPerth Scorchers$122,400
63GeorgeBaileyHobart Hurricanes$120,100
64PeterHandscombMelbourne Stars$119,600
65BenMcDermottHobart Hurricanes$118,300
66JonWellsAdelaide Strikers$115,500
67DanielHughesSydney Sixers$115,500
68FawadAhmedPerth Scorchers$113,000
69SamWhitemanPerth Scorchers$111,500
70JakeWeatheraldAdelaide Strikers$108,900
71JacksonColemanMelbourne Stars$108,800
72BillyStanlakeAdelaide Strikers$108,300
73SamHarperMelbourne Renegades$108,100
74BenLaughlinAdelaide Strikers$107,300
75JayLentonSydney Thunder$106,200
76ArjunNairSydney Thunder$103,600
77JackWildermuthMelbourne Renegades$103,300
78DavidMoodyHobart Hurricanes$103,000
79MoisesHenriquesSydney Sixers$101,500
80BenDunkMelbourne Stars$100,900
81GurinderSandhuSydney Thunder$99,900
82MitchellSwepsonBrisbane Heat$98,500
83MatthewGilkesSydney Thunder$96,700
84CameronValenteAdelaide Strikers$95,800
85KurtisPattersonPerth Scorchers$95,000
86MattKuhnemannBrisbane Heat$93,200
87TomCooperMelbourne Renegades$92,400
88LiamO'ConnorAdelaide Strikers$91,700
89ScottBolandHobart Hurricanes$87,300
90JordanSilkSydney Sixers$86,300
91NickLarkinMelbourne Stars$86,000
92AaronHardiePerth Scorchers$85,500
93WesAgarAdelaide Strikers$84,200
94MarkSteketeeBrisbane Heat$81,600
95AlexRossSydney Thunder$81,200
96TomRogersHobart Hurricanes$81,000
97JoelParisPerth Scorchers$81,000
98CameronWhiteAdelaide Strikers$77,200
99HarryNielsenAdelaide Strikers$75,400
100JackPrestwidgeBrisbane Heat$75,400
Pos.First nameLast nameTeamBBL|08 avg.
1MarcusStoinisMelbourne Stars96.9
2D'ArcyShortHobart Hurricanes91.3
3PatrickCumminsSydney Thunder84.0
4QaisAhmadHobart Hurricanes82.0
5KaneRichardsonMelbourne Renegades74.5
6TomCurranSydney Sixers73.0
7RashidKhanAdelaide Strikers70.6
8JoshLalorBrisbane Heat70.2
9JhyeRichardsonPerth Scorchers68.8
10DanChristianMelbourne Renegades68.7
11SeanAbbottSydney Sixers67.9
12MatthewWadeHobart Hurricanes65.1
13BenCuttingBrisbane Heat63.6
14StephenO'KeefeSydney Sixers62.5
15SandeepLamichhaneMelbourne Stars61.4
16NathanCoulter-NilePerth Scorchers60.9
17GlennMaxwellMelbourne Stars60.9
18Usman KhanShinwariMelbourne Renegades59.6
19CameronBoyceMelbourne Renegades59.4
20DanielSamsSydney Thunder59.1
21UsmanKhawajaSydney Thunder59.0
22JosButtlerSydney Thunder57.4
23MatthewKellyPerth Scorchers57.4
24MujeebUr RahmanBrisbane Heat55.0
25LiamPlunkettMelbourne Stars54.1
26JamesFaulknerHobart Hurricanes54.0
27AndrewTyePerth Scorchers52.1
28MohammadNabiMelbourne Renegades51.9
29JofraArcherHobart Hurricanes51.6
30ShaunMarshPerth Scorchers51.3
31DwayneBravoMelbourne Stars51.2
32JasonBehrendorffPerth Scorchers49.6
33AdamZampaMelbourne Stars49.3
34JonoCookSydney Thunder49.2
35ChrisGreenSydney Thunder48.9
36AlexCareyAdelaide Strikers48.6
37JamesVinceSydney Sixers48.5
38RileyMeredithHobart Hurricanes48.3
39ChristopherTremainMelbourne Renegades47.8
40MatthewRenshawBrisbane Heat47.4
41BenDwarshuisSydney Sixers47.3
42CallumFergusonSydney Thunder46.8
43DanielWorrallMelbourne Stars46.6
44JacksonBirdMelbourne Stars46.6
45AshtonAgarPerth Scorchers46.3
46BrendanDoggettBrisbane Heat46.1
47BaxterHoltSydney Thunder46.0
48MichaelNeserAdelaide Strikers45.9
49PeterSiddleAdelaide Strikers45.3
50JoshInglisPerth Scorchers45.3
51HarryGurneyMelbourne Renegades45.2
52MaxBryantBrisbane Heat45.0
53ColinIngramAdelaide Strikers44.4
54AshtonTurnerPerth Scorchers44.3
55JamesPattinsonBrisbane Heat44.0
56ChrisLynnBrisbane Heat43.6
57JoshPhilippeSydney Sixers42.7
58CameronBancroftPerth Scorchers42.6
59JohanBothaHobart Hurricanes42.4
60JacksonColemanMelbourne Stars42.0
61MatthewGilkesSydney Thunder42.0
62GeorgeBaileyHobart Hurricanes41.7
63PeterHandscombMelbourne Stars41.6
64AaronFinchMelbourne Renegades41.4
65BenMcDermottHobart Hurricanes41.1
66JayLentonSydney Thunder41.0
67JonWellsAdelaide Strikers40.1
68DanielHughesSydney Sixers40.1
69FawadAhmedSydney Thunder39.3
70ShaneWatsonSydney Thunder38.8
71SamWhitemanPerth Scorchers38.8
72ChrisJordanSydney Thunder38.4
73JakeWeatheraldAdelaide Strikers37.9
74BillyStanlakeAdelaide Strikers37.6
75SamHarperMelbourne Renegades37.6
76BenLaughlinAdelaide Strikers37.3
77JoeDenlySydney Sixers37.1
78MitchMarshPerth Scorchers37.1
79ArjunNairSydney Thunder36.0
80MattKuhnemannBrisbane Heat36.0
81JackWildermuthMelbourne Renegades35.9
82DavidMoodyHobart Hurricanes35.8
83MoisesHenriquesSydney Sixers35.3
84BenDunkMelbourne Stars35.1
85GurinderSandhuSydney Thunder34.7
86MitchellSwepsonBrisbane Heat34.3
87BrendonMcCullumBrisbane Heat33.9
88UsmanQadirPerth Scorchers33.4
89CameronValenteAdelaide Strikers33.3
90AaronHardiePerth Scorchers33.0
91WesAgarAdelaide Strikers32.5
92TomCooperMelbourne Renegades32.1
93MickeyEdwardsSydney Sixers32.0
94LiamO'ConnorAdelaide Strikers31.9
95MarkSteketeeBrisbane Heat31.5
96ScottBolandMelbourne Stars30.3
97JordanSilkSydney Sixers30.0
98NickLarkinMelbourne Stars29.9
99LiamBoweMelbourne Stars29.7
100TravisHeadAdelaide Strikers28.3

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