Twenty-nine Jimmy Neesham tweets for Jimmy Neesham's 29th

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ESPN Cricinfo

Author 2019-09-17 13:28:30


What better way to celebrate James Neesham than look at some of his greatest hits (read: tweets) over the years. Happy 29th, @JimmyNeesh!

For starters, a great tip.

Conjuring some Harry Potter magic.

Remember #MCGsoBig?

Hot take: Neesham is good at hot takes.

For all of us in the "Kane... so good" gang...

... and the adherents of the Trent Boult school of batting.

The story of Lendl Simmons' bat, as told by Neesham.

Some all-round class.

An epic World Cup match. Neesham hit the nail on the trend.

Neesham is always right.

And open to advice about whom not to mess with, after being done in by MS Dhoni's ninja reflexes.

Don't you wish all Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi fans were like this?

The next time you're in Kanpur, you know what you will think of.

Don't be surprised when you don't get a dinner invite from the brothers McCullum, Jimmy.

Neesham can bat like ABD, but can ABD tweet like Neesh?

You know who's a fan of Jimmy's tweets: a cricketer who shares his birthday.

Well, since we are talking IPL.

When you crack a joke...

... and are kind enough to clarify it too.

Ninety-one to go.


Imagine cricket Twitter without its shining star.

He's quick to tweet.

The time you wished you could reach out and give him a big hug.

Sorry, for the one above if you are reading this, Neesh. And for the one below.

And to end: will he be bowling those in The Hundred next year?


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