Umpires were upset with this Indian batsman's sixes, he had lost 3 balls in the same match

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Author 2019-11-09 21:27:19

There are many explosive batsmen in the Indian cricket team who get the bowlers in trouble with their sixes. But today we are telling you about the batsman of the Indian cricket team who used to give the bowlers as well as the umpire in trouble with his long sixes.

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The sixes of this Indian batsman were so long that the ball often disappeared, after which the umpire had to ask for a new ball. In one match, this player had hit 3 balls by hitting sixes. These batsmen were none other than the aggressive captain of the Indian cricket team, Sourav Ganguly.

Transported the ball 3 times outside the stadium

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The teams of Zimbabwe and India reached the final in the 1998 Coca-Cola Champions Trophy. Zimbabwe had scored 196 runs losing 9 wickets. Sourav Ganguly was present at the crease to play the first ball of the 26th over for Team India, chasing the target. The ball was in the hands of Grant Flower.

On the first ball, Ganguly advanced from the crease and hit a sharp shot into the air towards long on. The ball went out of the stadium covering a long distance and eventually the umpires had to get a new ball. After scoring this six, Ganguly spread a crooked laugh. He was obviously enjoying his shot.

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On the third ball of the same over, Ganguly again came out of the crease and this time played the ball over the deep midwicket and the ball got stuck in the ceiling of the stadium. The umpire had to get the new ball once again.

Grant Flower had become very desperate by now. The captain tied him up, but where was Ganguly going to believe him. He took a square leg on the first ball of the 29th over and hit a six and the ball crossed the field again.

This style of Sourav Ganguly was highly appreciated by the people and they engulfed the hearts of the people. In this match, Ganguly played an unbeaten innings of 63 runs in which he hit 3 sixes.

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Please tell that this match was the final of the tournament and the Indian team achieved the set target without losing wickets in 30 overs.


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