Virat Kohli's 'Cherish This' Message About His Father Overwhelms Fans



Author 2019-11-05 13:23:00


Indian captain and Virat Kohli wrote a heartening letter to his 15-year old self on his birthday in which briefly mentioned about his father and the unconditional love of family. Captain Kohli,who has arguably touted the best batsmen in the gentlemen's game at the moment turned 31 on Tuesday, November 5. More than a decade ago, in December of 2006, the current Indian captain faced his father’s untimely demise. In his letter, Kohli apprised about his father joking about his height and also mentioned that only family loves you unconditionally.

"I know you are thinking about those shoes dad did not gift you today. They mean nothing when compared to the hug he gave you this morning or the joke he cracked about your height. Cherish this. I know he can seem strict at times. But that's because he wants the best for you. You feel that our parents don't understand us sometimes, but remember this-only our family us unconditionally. Love them back, respect them and spend all the time you can with them. Tell Dad you love him. A lot. Tell him tomorrow. Tell him more often." Kohli wrote in his letter

Kohli who has often said that missing a cricket match for whatever reason is a complete no-no for him believes that his father’s passing away was the turning point moment in his life as it taught him to fight the difficult times. At the time of the unfortunate incident, Kohli was playing for Delhi against Karnataka and went on to score 90.

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