Virat Kohli’s Fan Pintu Behra Gets The Tattoo Of The Skipper

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Author 2019-10-02 17:13:03


Virat Kohli-led India is busy in the Test series against South Africa in the home ground. The skipper has set many new records both as the batsman and captain. He enjoys a massive fan base on social media. Kohli recently met a loyal fan before the first Test match. Pintu Behra from Odisha is the ardent fan of the skipper.

Pintu has tattoos of Virat Kohli on his various body part. The first time he penned the tattoo of Kohli was in 2016. Indian national cricket team has seen many dedicated fans. We saw ‘s fan Sudhir who with dedication attends every match of India. He paints his body with tricolour, the legend’s name and his jersey no. 10. ‘s superfan Saravanan Hari also shows his gratitude to the player.

Virat Kohli is my god – Pintu Behra

Virat Kohli fan Pintu Behra has gone one level up, he permanently tattoed Kohli’s jersey No. 18 on his back. He labels Virat Kohli as his God and to express his love, he inked the tattoo. The first time he got the tattoo was in 2016 since then he has added more and more.

“People get tattoos as fashion or to show respect to god. Kohli is my god and this is my way of showing my love and respect for him and how he plays his cricket. Whatever he has achieved so far or done on the field that I liked, I got it inked,” Behra was quoted as saying.


He added, “The first one I got was in 2016 and I have been adding to that since. In total now I have 15. The first one I got was his face on my right chest and the latest has been the World Cup.”

Pintu revealed that his love for Virat Kohli increased when he saw him hitting Lasith Malinga during a match in Australia.

“That was when I decided that I will do this. But I didn’t have enough money for it. So I started saving money and as soon as I had enough, I got the first one and continued to add to that,” he said.


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